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Jewelry Care

Your new Laura Tanner Jewelry is delicate, but with proper care it will last you for years. To ensure this, please take care to read the jewelry care advice below.


  • Prevent damage to your jewelry by avoiding exposure to extreme conditions (e.g., high heat, direct sunlight, heavy exercise, etc.).

  • Opaque stones (e.g. coral, opal, pearl, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, amber, obsidian, jet, and lapis) are very fragile and should never be worn in or cleaned with water.

  • Allow self-tanners, sunscreen, lotion or perfume to dry before putting on jewelry.

  • Avoid earring loss or damage by always using our clear rubber stoppers with hook ear wires.


  • Keep your delicate jewelry in a special bag, box or drawer (not leather—it causes tarnish) and/or in the tarnish-proof plastic bags we provide.

  • Storing one piece per bag will help prevent gemstone or pearls scratches and chain tangles.


  • Clean your silver, gold-filled, vermeil or gold jewelry safely with a solution of 1 cup warm water and 1 Tbs. mild liquid soap and gently rub with a soft cloth or a very soft toothbrush.

  • To polish silver pieces with delicate stones or pearls, use a damp cloth or a Sunshine®polishing cloth.

  • Clean oxidized (blackened) silver jewelry with a damp cloth to preserve its finish. Liquid tarnish removers or jewelry cleaners are not recommended.