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Laura Tanner Jewelry Now at Evanston Art Center

June 12, 2017

Laura Tanner Jewelry Now at Evanston Art Center

Evanston Art Center is currently hosting a pop up store for local artists. It is a collaboration with the Evanston Made moment, to highlight the hard work of Evanston’s most talented and creative. The store is located right at the entrance, inside the art center on Central Street in Evanston. The work put on display is everything from paintings and photographies to clothing items and of course, artisan made jewelry. They have numerous pieces from our most popular collections for anyone to purchase.

Evanston Made is a month- long celebration of the arts in Evanston designed to create opportunities for artists to engage with the community. The grand opening of the pop up store was held on June 2nd and it will be open through June 30th. The store is open for anyone during the Art Center’s regular visiting hours. For anyone interested in the details, please visit the Evanston Made website here.

A huge thank you to Amy Amoroso at AnoMaly Productions for creating an amazing exposé for our local artists and such a fun shopping opportunity for all the Evanstonians.

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