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January Birthstone: Garnet

January 04, 2016

Laura Tanner Jewelry garnet Birthstone Bar Necklace for Januaryraw garnet crystal | January birthstoneLaura Tanner Jewelry Birthstone Bar Bracelet in garnet for January
Beautiful, deep red garnets are the traditional birthstone for January. Our delicate Birthstone Bar necklaces and bracelets and Tiny Birthstone Studs make great gifts for January birthdays, anniversaries (see below), and as symbols of love and friendship.
The name “garnet” originates from the Latin word “garanatus,” meaning “seedlike.” Garnets earned their name in ancient times, as they resembled bright red pomegranate seeds.  In Greek mythology, pomegranates represent fertility and eternal love, as Hades lured Persephone into eating the seeds before she left him to ensure her return to the underworld. Giving a garnet to your beloved before they leave on a trip will convey that you will be longing for their return. Garnets are also an ancient symbol of friendship, and have been exchanged between parting friends to ensure that they will meet again.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti : "Proserpine (Persephone)" (1882)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti : "Proserpine (Persephone)" (1882)

Throughout history, garnets have been associated with many traditions, legends and beliefs about their meaning and powers. In the middle ages, they were thought to cure depression, protect against bad dreams, relieve diseases of the liver, prevent hemorrhages and treat poisoning. For centuries, the stone has also been associated with passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth.
Nowadays, garnets are known as January's birthstone and are traditionally given for the 2nd, 6th or 19th anniversaries. Garnets are also associated with the base and crown chakras, and are thought to have cleansing and reenergizing properties and to revitalize, purify and balance energy. Garnets are also thought to inspire love, devotion, physical passion emotional harmony.
Tiny Birthstone Studs in garnet from Laura Tanner Jewelry for January birthdays.
Tiny Birthstone Studs -- Garnet
Gold or Silver

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